copyediting & proofreading

spot the error ...
As the writer, you've spent countless hours planning your project, testing word choices, and thinking about the bigger picture. In the process, you may have lost sight of the details.
I'll find the errors, and I'll fix them.

There's little I enjoy more than making a second pass through a document and catching an extra comma, a missing word, or a name spelled one way on page 23 and a different way on page 478.

Don't worry, though, I won't hold your emails to the same standard - unless you want me to...

following style = consistency and cohesion
I will help you choose a style to make your work read more smoothly, reduce inconsistencies and errors, and boost reader confidence in your voice.

Many respected styleguides are in my professional wheelhouse, including The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Stylebook, and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

For larger or more complicated projects, let's develop an individualized styleguide, complete with the spellings of repeated names, specific technical or industry terms, or the mechanics of the magical physics in your fantasy novel.
ready to go to press?
Once your content is in place, 
you're not done yet. But I'm here to help.

Do all your chapters have titles? Is your index complete? Do page numbers in the text match the pages being referred to? How about footnotes - do they match the bibliography? Oops, did you accidentally violate a copyright on that image? Are your margins and page breaks in the right place to make your printer happy? EEK!

To get your text ready for the big-time, my proofreading skills come into play.  I'll work to ensure your finished text is easy to read, free of errors, and consistent. And you'll see your name in print.

so how can i help you?

“Edit your manuscript until your fingers bleed and you have memorized every last word. Then, when you are certain you are on the verge of insanity...edit one more time!.”
- C.K. Webb

my experience

I have extensive copyediting and proofreading experience that includes the following projects:

Copyediting and proofreading: "Chick-lit" genre novel (pending publication by major publishing house) by New York author; 2016-2017. This project is in progress, with my services being used for everything from catching small continuity errors to advising on character development, plot devices and chapter organization.

Copyediting: Assistant Features Editor for the Times-News (Twin Falls, Idaho); 2007-2008.
This role included working with reporters and correspondents on a daily basis to edit their stories and prepare them for print, including ensuring accuracy, requesting critical but missing information, and meeting tight deadlines.
Copyediting: Charlotte Weaver: Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy, by Margaret Sorrel; Indianapolis, Ind.: The Osteopathic Cranial Academy, 2010.
A project that underwent numerous drafts over the course of six months, this involved copyediting a combination of biography and highly technical medical text.

Proofreading: Iona: A Guide to the Sacred Isle for Clergy & Other Pilgrims, by Vivienne Hull; Clinton, WA: Storyhouse Press, 2012.
This manuscript went through several proofs, each of which involved ensuring accuracy of obscure quoted material. My roles included substitute project manager for part of the process.

Proofreading: Iona Report: Story of an Enduring Vision, by Fritz Hull; Clinton, WA: Storyhouse Press, 2012.
As a combination of autobiography, history, and philosophy, this project's mix of disciplines proved a proofreader's challenge.

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